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I started painting in June/July 2020. My hobby of dance had been paused due to the pandemic so I decided to learn a new hobby to punctuate my hectic working life. Having no painting experience at all, I was anxious about my lack of ability. Like Rod, I bought everything in the art shop and started following several YouTube artists. I soon realised, that although, not the best artist, I found it both relaxing and rewarding, not to mention, frustrating.

Over the last 6 months, there is no doubt I have improved, sometimes producing a relatively ‘acceptable’ piece of art. Recently I was feeling that I needed more understanding of the fundamentals of painting so I could learn to produce more consistently ‘acceptable’ paintings. (and hopefully ‘good’ ones in the future)

Following the good old Google search, I stumbled across LTP and Rod two weeks ago and was instantly drawn to the instruction and delivery of teaching. I felt that the group could offer me what I needed to improve, so joined as a life member. I’m really looking forward to learning more and seeing where my new hobby can take me.


West Yorkshire, England UK

Preferred Medium

Began with Acrylics but just started with WMO's and think I'm sold!