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I live in Ontario, Canada on a little lake at the top of a hill. We moved here 11 years ago and every day the view takes my breath away.

I retired following a career as an Emergency Nurse for almost 40 years. During my last 5 years at the local hospital, my role morphed into a Clinical Process Improvement Coach. I learned Process Improvement by fire hose.

The last time I painted was in high school. I really enjoyed my art classes but I have not painted until just a few days ago. I am an absolute beginner.

I want to take everything this course can offer (so very impressed!) and capture the beautiful world around me in paint. I am so excited!

By the way – I don’t really smoke cigars and I prefer red wine but I liked the composition of the photo lol.


Stirling, Ontario, Canada

Favourite Artists

The Group of 7 (Canadian Artists) –  their paintings depict the rugged and beautiful landscapes of Canada, particularly northern Ontario

Alex Colville (Canadian Artist) – his colours and style are beautiful, soft, realistic and evoke an emotional response. His every days scenes are powerful.

Monet – his colours and style make me feel warm and content.


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